Premium Water Springs. Established in 1664.

Our premium waters comes from the heart of the old continent, the Czech Republic. Already in 1664 (the year when New York City was founded) the Royal House of Lobkowicz in the Kingdom of Bohemia enjoyed this unique natural heritage, situated on their estates. BILINER provides world-class mineral alkaline & natural spring water direct from the source & bottled exactly as it flows from the springs. This rare natural resource has finally become available in the USA. Enjoy it!

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Biliner is legendary water, balanced by Nature. In fact, dating to 1664, this gift from Mother Nature is the oldest bottled water in the world.

Biliner is 100% natural – there is absolutely nothing added to it or taken away. It is bottled with no filtration and entirely untouched by human hands, perfectly balanced by Nature with PH 7,4. Biliner comes from the heart of the Old Continent, in the North Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. For more than 350 years, Europeans have enjoyed this naturally-carbonated alkaline mineral water. Now, this rare natural resource is finally available to enjoy in the USA!

Anyone who drinks it will find that Biliner sparkling action is much finer and healthier than that of any artificial carbonation.

Along with our exquisite Premium Alkaline mineral water, Biliner is also proud to present to the American market our Royal Class natural spring water. With its velvety taste, it is perfect for daily hydration and as a mixer. Like our Premium Alkaline mineral water, Biliner Royal Class natural spring water is bottled untouched by human hands with nothing added or taken away.

Both Biliner waters are presented in our signature cobalt blue bottles with gold tops, a nod to their royal heritage through the House of Lobkowicz in the Kingdom of Bohemia.

Please enjoy our legendary water today – we know you’ll taste the difference.


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If you aren’t enjoying a cold beer on the golf course, what drink should golfers opt for? Ever noticed PGA Tour players almost always opt for natural spring water during events? Why? One, they can lose significant fluids walking 18 holes in heat and humidity and dehydration is a risk even after just a few…