Premium Healing Water Springs. Established in 1664.



Biliner is the oldest bottled water brand in the world. We date the beginning of our business to a preserved export sales contract from 1664 in the historic town of Bilina, Czech Republic. More than 350 years – and numerous awards and medals – later, our legendary water and brand are still going strong. And now, Biliner is available in the United States!

Our Premium Alkaline mineral water and Royal Class natural spring water are gifts from Mother Nature. They are 100% natural – nothing is added and nothing taken away. They are bottled with no filtration and untouched by human hands. Simply put, we deliver the very best to people who want the very best.

The American launch of Biliner products is accompanied by a strong, multimedia marketing campaign and our company offers strong support to our local U.S. communities, sports teams and charities. For example, we are a proud partner of Arizona CBS 5 News’ “Pay It Forward” series.

Just as we deliver a 100% natural product to our valued customers, we run our business with 100% integrity and honesty. We firmly believe our legendary water is the very best bottled water on the market and we invite you to try Biliner today!

Pay it Forward – cbs 5


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